from by Worshit



they promised to guard you from terrorism
you voted right and they won with ease
for years they've been inventing lies
and growing rich on oil pipes
they're full of ignorance and greed
they throw you scraps and you're pleased with it
to improve your life's not in their plans
they treat you like shit but you still worship them

to feel safe you need a tsar
formally free but serfs thus far
your destiny's just to be slaves
and to drink from the cradle to the grave

they build vast mansions and buy posh cars
while millions of their people starve
they've left the aged to die in need
"After us the flood" it's their creed
they steal and kill and no one cares
'cause all you want's cheap booze and sex
they're lords and you're just fuckin' lambs
they spit on you but you still worship them


from s​/​t EP, released September 5, 2011




Worshit город Москва, Russian Federation

Worshit is:
ribby - mic
vic - bass
roman - guitar
sergey - drums
andrew - ex-drums

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