Pissed Off

from by Worshit



every single day is just another dull routine
"eat, shit, work 'n' sleep" I'm really sick of such a regime
living like a fucking ant I only get annoyed
I can stand no longer 'cause I'm at the boiling point

I'm a hostage of my own life and got no chance to escape
hate towards everything around me's blowing up my brain
don't know who rules this game, who the hell's to blame
I can't affect a fucking thing and shit just stays the same

tired of crowded places, sullen faces, suburban blocks
tiny wages, wasting ages working for the boss
locals and illegals, criminals and cops
rednecks, faggots, drunkards, meatheads, laborers and clerks

I'm a prisoner of society where everyone pisses me off
I've become a selfish jerk, a cynical misanthrope
I'm too close to the edge, I can't control my rage
'cause I know whatever I do nothing will change


from s​/​t EP, released September 5, 2011




Worshit город Москва, Russian Federation

Worshit is:
ribby - mic
vic - bass
roman - guitar
sergey - drums
andrew - ex-drums

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