Nothing In Common

from by Worshit



anarchy, unity, animal rights
bullshit that's too far from real life
imbecile lyrics without even rhymes
your "personal" whining is just fucking lies
each band you play in looks much the same
another trend's copied but still nothing to say
fuck you and a bunch of your ass-kissing fans
with their hypocritical shit being spit in your face

I'm sick of you
and all the crap you do
give it up at last
free the stage for the straightforward, angry and fast

your "scene" is a circus and you are just clowns
going all out but making me frown
you won't screw me over 'cause I see you right through
we'd rather break fuckin' up than be like you


from s​/​t EP, released September 5, 2011




Worshit город Москва, Russian Federation

Worshit is:
ribby - mic
vic - bass
roman - guitar
sergey - drums
andrew - ex-drums

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