Candle Dealers

from by Worshit



we never messed with authority
in the Soviet Union we worked for the KGB
the 90's gave us huge facilities
and we started our own business
in exchange for our loyalty
we were freed from most taxes and fees
all the deals are managed with ease
when you act in the name of Jesus

we're Russian Orthodox Church JSC
don't fuck with us!
Russian Orthodox Church JSC

to train an army of submissive fools
we've found an efficient tool
Religious Studies is already in schools
instead of Physics and Darwin's bullshit
we're implementing the government's plan
of idolization of the Putin's clan
God himself has chosen that man
to raise the country from its knees and rule it!

we're Russian Orthodox Church JSC
praise our national leader!
Russian Orthodox Church JSC


from s​/​t EP, released September 5, 2011




Worshit город Москва, Russian Federation

Worshit is:
ribby - mic
vic - bass
roman - guitar
sergey - drums
andrew - ex-drums

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