Blessed EP

by Worshit

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released June 23, 2010




Worshit город Москва, Russian Federation

Worshit is:
ribby - mic
vic - bass
roman - guitar
sergey - drums
andrew - ex-drums

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Track Name: Leave Me Alone
a crowd of sucking parasites
poke their noses in my life
tell me what and how to do
set the rules to follow through
what the fuck d'you really know?
stay away! I'm on my own
politician, priest or cop
I yell to you "fuck off!"

stop looking at me
like you know better how to be
don't argue with me
because I won't ever agree
don't try to fit me
in your fucked up "normality"
just leave me alone
I don't need your society

I don't care about your voice
don't accept your fuckin' choice
watchdogs of the fascist reign
religious fools with rotten brains
jackals of the upper class
stick your preaching up your ass
shut your traps, I'm not your prey
fuck the words you say!
Track Name: PC
spreading like a cancer
over the hardcore scene
political correctness
prevents facts being seen
without any right to
express a different word
bring up a taboo subject
and you're a fascist turd

opinion's become worthless
it won't be even heard
just another show
just to pass the time

prison cell of decent words
set of dogmas, cliche thoughts
you're celled, completely stuck
narrow-minded "tole-ruck"
Track Name: Eaten Alive
you came from a village
in search of some job
but badly got pillaged
and beaten by cops

no money, no passport
just pain in your guts
you hung out with hobos
in front of a pub
the whole days you were looking
for something to eat
got lost in the city
left in the shit

each emptied glass
pushed you lower and lower
you were sinking fast
but your woes weren't over

one cold winter night
you passed out too drunk
woke up in a bed ward
with four aching stumps
incapable even
to wipe off your ass
they threw you out straight
to the clutches of death

now dressed as a soldier
in a broken wheelchair
you ask for a handout
in packed subway trains
no hope for the future
no way to survive
a sorrowful finish
of your shitty life

that's how Moscow's eaten you up!
Track Name: Dieagnosed
you spent your days in total chaos
always wasted, rash and reckless
never thought that life's so short
'til you got a sudden halt

diagnosed, condemned, convicted
your whole life changed in a minute
no illusions, just the raw truth
a hopeless fight you're doomed to lose

HIV positive

now you're left by most of your friends
people fear to shake your hand
broken down, got on your knees
face to face with your own disease

no use praying god, medicines cost too much
day by day you get closer to hell
life is utter shit when nobody cares
'bout your dying bones, no one but yourself!
Track Name: Vain Youth
you chatter on message boards
have never even worked
leech off your mom and dad
waste their money on the crap
dressed up like disco fags
obsessed with a vinyl plague
LP color's worth much more
than music. this is hardcore!

fuck you vain youth
I'm not a part of you

all that you talk about
is how you are true and proud
all that you care about
is your weight in the haughty crowd
all that you think about
is just how to get the crown
all that I see around
is shit. count me out!