s​/​t EP

by Worshit

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released September 5, 2011




Worshit город Москва, Russian Federation

Worshit is:
ribby - mic
vic - bass
roman - guitar
sergey - drums
andrew - ex-drums

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Track Name: Worshit
they promised to guard you from terrorism
you voted right and they won with ease
for years they've been inventing lies
and growing rich on oil pipes
they're full of ignorance and greed
they throw you scraps and you're pleased with it
to improve your life's not in their plans
they treat you like shit but you still worship them

to feel safe you need a tsar
formally free but serfs thus far
your destiny's just to be slaves
and to drink from the cradle to the grave

they build vast mansions and buy posh cars
while millions of their people starve
they've left the aged to die in need
"After us the flood" it's their creed
they steal and kill and no one cares
'cause all you want's cheap booze and sex
they're lords and you're just fuckin' lambs
they spit on you but you still worship them
Track Name: Pissed Off
every single day is just another dull routine
"eat, shit, work 'n' sleep" I'm really sick of such a regime
living like a fucking ant I only get annoyed
I can stand no longer 'cause I'm at the boiling point

I'm a hostage of my own life and got no chance to escape
hate towards everything around me's blowing up my brain
don't know who rules this game, who the hell's to blame
I can't affect a fucking thing and shit just stays the same

tired of crowded places, sullen faces, suburban blocks
tiny wages, wasting ages working for the boss
locals and illegals, criminals and cops
rednecks, faggots, drunkards, meatheads, laborers and clerks

I'm a prisoner of society where everyone pisses me off
I've become a selfish jerk, a cynical misanthrope
I'm too close to the edge, I can't control my rage
'cause I know whatever I do nothing will change
Track Name: Everyone For Themselves
going home through the empty streets
I heard a muffled female scream
it might be someone who needed help
but I got scared and hastened the steps

I didn't interfere
and left that place in fear
didn't even call the cops
'cause that problem wasn't mine at all

this society taught me well
everyone for themselves
I learned the lesson well
everyone for themselves

the phone rang late at night
my friend was on the line
"man, sit down, take a breath...
your ex got raped and choked to death"
Track Name: Numbers
their job's to serve us but they seem to only hate
won't even lift a finger to help you 'til you pay
their negligence may kill but they don't even care
today they crushed you and tomorrow they'll forget

every day another scum ruins someone's life for fun
people constantly become new victims through their fault
they're leeches on society's skin and think we aren't worth a bean
for them we are just numbers in their regular reports

a judge returned a guilty verdict with no doubt
medics refused to aid a patient and he died
cops broke a suspect's back while making him confess
an official's son ran down a man but his daddy saved his ass

they don't realy give a shit if your life gets blown to bits
what can you hope for if they treat you cheaper than dirt?
they're leeches on society's skin and think we aren't worth a bean
we're just fuckin' numbers in their regular reports

numbers and nothing more
zeros is what they take us for
Track Name: Nothing In Common
anarchy, unity, animal rights
bullshit that's too far from real life
imbecile lyrics without even rhymes
your "personal" whining is just fucking lies
each band you play in looks much the same
another trend's copied but still nothing to say
fuck you and a bunch of your ass-kissing fans
with their hypocritical shit being spit in your face

I'm sick of you
and all the crap you do
give it up at last
free the stage for the straightforward, angry and fast

your "scene" is a circus and you are just clowns
going all out but making me frown
you won't screw me over 'cause I see you right through
we'd rather break fuckin' up than be like you
Track Name: Candle Dealers
we never messed with authority
in the Soviet Union we worked for the KGB
the 90's gave us huge facilities
and we started our own business
in exchange for our loyalty
we were freed from most taxes and fees
all the deals are managed with ease
when you act in the name of Jesus

we're Russian Orthodox Church JSC
don't fuck with us!
Russian Orthodox Church JSC

to train an army of submissive fools
we've found an efficient tool
Religious Studies is already in schools
instead of Physics and Darwin's bullshit
we're implementing the government's plan
of idolization of the Putin's clan
God himself has chosen that man
to raise the country from its knees and rule it!

we're Russian Orthodox Church JSC
praise our national leader!
Russian Orthodox Church JSC